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GLOBALNATIVES Healing & Learning Event in Golden Bay, New Zealand

TO BE OR NOT TO BE? Are you a part of the global problem or a part of the global solution???

Experience the pioneering life from New Zealand settlers and be a pioneer for a new culture!

DOWN TO EARTH with RAINBOW GRASS ROOT PEOPLE and Global Natives we are at one of the few places where we are creating and working towards a new, natural and sustainable culture. Under the guidance of a peaceful ”Spirit of Nature“ in the ancient Polynesian-Hawaiian tradition of HUNA …

If we learn, grow, evolve, and fulfill our life purpose therefor we came to this planet Earth, we will feel complete, whole and and happy that our life makes sense. On this way we are becoming a Global Native and can help to build up a BIOVERSITY.

The Healing and Learning Event springs from a long tradition of education in healthy and conscientious lifestyles aimed at those who wish for inner healing. It is an exceptional opportunity for people to come together with the intention of creating a space supportive of their healing. It is also a useful place to establish a different culture from mainstream society.

If you like learning by doing, love personal development, yearn to live at one with Nature and you are interested in bio dynamics, Demeter, Perma-Culture, gardening, the Spirit of Nature, self-sufficiency, techniques for building sustainable lifestyles, natural health & other alternative practices, you will love our Healing and Learning place.


At Spirit of Nature on Mt. Sonnos we will create a new down to earth culture under the guidance of the spirit of nature and the ancient Polynesian-Hawaiian tradition of HUNA.


From Nov. – May


Our Healing and Learning event is a unique place. Each day we do four hours of Karma Yoga and voluntary community work in the mornings, and in the afternoon we offer Workshops. We also ask that people attending our healing event stay for a minimum of two to three weeks so the healing can sink in!


At Spirit of Nature, Milnthorpe, R.D.2 TAKAKA, Golden Bay (20km past Takaka on the Takaka-Collingwood Highway and 5 km before Collingwood.)

Please bring:

donations for shared food, your own tent, mattress (thermarest) & sleeping bag.


Black Bear, Usus, Global-Natives, ph.0064 03524 89 69;

uur@gmx.ch; www.global-native.org

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